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What should you know about social media when divorcing in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Family Law

The content shared on social media can sometimes play a significant role in divorce proceedings because it provides insights into personal conduct, lifestyle, financial status and parental fitness.

It’s crucial to understand that once something is shared online, it becomes part of a public record that can be difficult to erase. Being aware of the potential implications of one’s digital footprint is vital during a divorce.

Be cautious with your posts

Exercise caution with what you share on social media during a divorce. It’s wise to assume that your spouse can see anything posted and potentially use it in legal proceedings. This includes text posts, photos, check-ins and even the seemingly innocent likes and comments.

For example, posts that depict lavish spending might be used to challenge claims of financial hardship. Similarly, photos or comments could be interpreted in ways that might affect child custody decisions.

Avoid discussing any aspect of the divorce, your feelings or your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Remember, it’s not just your posts that matter but also those you’re tagged in, so monitor your tags closely.

Consider taking a social media break

Sometimes, the best strategy is to take a break from social media during a divorce. This eliminates the risk of posts being misinterpreted or used against you. A social media hiatus may also benefit your mental well-being. You can focus on the divorce process and personal healing without the added stress and distractions of an online presence.

It’s essential to review and update your social media privacy settings regularly. Make sure you understand who can see your posts and personal information. Adjust settings to restrict who can post on your timeline and who can tag you in photos.

Be aware, however, that privacy settings aren’t foolproof. Friends or mutual connections can still share your information, intentionally or otherwise, so always post cautiously. Having someone to guide you regarding what you say and do on social media, and seeking legal guidance if you have questions, may be beneficial as you go through the process of ending your marriage.